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Profile/Background Check)
Earthly Origin:  Conceived, born and raised in San Francisco, CA.  Additional "upbringing" in subtly horrific suburban dystopia nearby (the duck friendly, man made lagoon sporting "Foster City").
Earliest Memory:  Drawing a giant happy face on pillow with a large black crayon.  Given a mild verbal scolding as opposed to physical punishment.  Perceived this as a green light of encouragement to follow muse.
Pre-music obsession:  A shocker; drawing and painting.
Ominous Discovery:  Fixating on an older cousin's 8-track tape of 'Sly & The Family Stone's Greatest Hits'.  The first music to produce awareness and chills, and endless requests for repeat playings in car (graciously honored).  The blending of funk/rock with catchy pop melodies would prove to be an obvious influence years later, and imprint creates everlasting component in the MC approach to composition.    
Pivotal Moment:  Learning how to play the main riff to "Smoke On The Water" via an equally "green" friend.  A religious experience, despite playing it in wrong key on only one string.
Education:  Private guitar lessons from next door neighbor and future Michael Bolton musical director Chris Camozzi.  Once adept at basic chords, scales, and every Ace Frehley (Kiss) solo, migrates to Boston, MA to attempt "higher learning" at Berklee College Of Music.  This proved to be an unfortunate squandering of thousands of hard earned parental unit dollars, as the overwhelming struggle to grasp curriculum spawned A.D.D. Syndrome induced out of body astral projections.     
Post Education Recovery:  Relocates to "Lower California" (Hollywood, then 'the valley') by way of fellow Foster City survivor Mark Montague and guitar slot in Ruth McCartney's backing band (yes, that McCartney).  Project runs course, including recordings, videos, live showcase and collaboration with aforementioned music legend Sly Stone, but fails to secure brass ring (ie, recording contract).  Remains resident of L.A. after project unceremoniously dissolves. 
Epilogue:  Firmly rooted in "So-Cal", continues to be actively creative, musically and otherwise.  Too many bands/projects to list, all remaining (safely?) beneath the well trained radar of the masses.  In recent years became writer of screenplays (maiden work commissioned and adapted into comic book), and has authored and/or co-written several, two of which currently being "shopped" by representation.  With the release of "JNHA" hopes to reach those in the world who will respond to it, via unabashed internet based guerrila marketing.  Your assistance in this steep mountain task is greatly appreciated...