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Hello... is this thing on?  Been awhile so will report I'm approx. 75% done with new album of originals, a likely 2017 release.  Meanwhile, for something completely different:  I recently reconnected with a good friend from my Berklee days, & he sent me the most astute, observant & eloquent review of my 'Jesus, Not Him Again!' album I've ever received.  In thanks to my brother (& stellar bassist/musician) Bruce Paul Allen, his kind words appear below, verbatim.  And, I'll be back when I have any new 'news'...



In one word:  Wow!  That’s my reaction to JNHA.  Actually, that’s just the beginning of my reaction.  Conceptually, your parody of the many deeply entrenched societal constructs we’re expected to blindingly accept and follow is nothing short of genius.  Your devout cynicism, combined with philosophical hole-punching and interlaced humor, conger up an image of reality outdistancing the human race that repeatedly fails to embrace it.  The finely crafted, detailed purgatory and KDWS sections were brilliantly sardonic.  All in all, I came away wondering which is the real parallel universe – the one we’ve been persevering through all these years or the one that should exist based on the highly effective points you make via cutting satire.

Musically, I was blown away by the detail in your arrangements.  Whatever’s going on in your head, you clearly possess the ability to capture it all in the studio.  Zappa would be beaming with pride for you… as would many others who were well ahead of their time.  And needless to say, I could stand to learn quite a bit from your bass playing, too.  But all the playing on all instruments was so impressive.  Combine that with your manner of crossing over genres – rock (in various flavors), funk, jazz, jazz-rock/fusion, etc. – well, that’s one big area where Prince has received so many accolades.  So, my friend, you follow in several legends’ giant footsteps. 

There’s so much more to say about JHNA as it’s truly a multifaceted gem.  As an aside, I’ve shared the same thoughts about life, death, religion, and DWS.  In fact,  I’ve managed to successfully harness several of those thoughts into my songs – some of which I sense you might appreciate.  Yet, I couldn’t imagine building and weaving together such an intricate, high impact concept album as JNHA. 

I will be listening to ITM shortly, but wanted to get back to you right away on JNHA while it was all fresh in my mind.  What a great ride that was! 

Thank you so much for sending me these CDs. 



4/20/15)  Hello- not put any 'news' up in awhile, but am 4 songs in on a new album/CD.  1 of the mixes can be heard via link below.  Aiming for 12 tracks, & no idea when I'll have finished product, but will likely go for an 'old school' release, meaning a tangible disc you can hold in your hands.  Until then, enjoy, & happy trails...


February 2013)
I did an online radio interview 2/23/13 with 'The Buddha Man' Alan Lohr, an award winning Los Angeles radio personality with 35 years in the business (KROQ, etc.). This was arranged by my drummer Ronnie Ciago, who joined me. We spoke, & played some tracks (including 1 that RC did w/ Patrick Moraz of Yes). BuddhaMan's International Experience is heard worldwide, and 2 links to the show are below. I tried my best to be interesting, & got a lot of traffic at my site as a result (inquiries & sales from Italy & Australia), so thanks to Alan & Ronnie ~



My new CD is done!  & there IS a concept:  remakes. A lot of fun, in terms of arrangements, etc., & I don't have to worry if the songs are good or not.  Anyway, I'm "hawking" it here, along with my other stuff.  Same personnel as last time (Me = guitars/bass/keys/vocals, Ronnie Ciago on drums).  Thanks for visiting the site.
Peace ~

I have created a print ad for "JNHA" & will be running a few placements coming up, the 1st of which being my alumni periodical Berklee Today.  Next up will be Music Connection, & I will consider any publication w/ right audience & price.  Going about the PR "old school", perhaps due to my building impatience w/ the tedium of web based efforts, which involve mucho time w/ my being seated before a harsh/glaring computer screen...