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PICTURES) Some only a mother could love...


Why is it so difficult to smile?  I think forced smiles look it, & natural ones don't always come easy during a photo shoot.  Or maybe my dentures were soaking.


In NYC, playing chess in Washington Park- that's my opponent's queen I'm holding- I think my sister was on an acid/peyote cocktail when she took this...


Taken at same session for what would be the 'JNHA" CD cover.  I think that cat had better things to do.


Was in a band called The End, & this was my "mug shot". Formed by the single most talented (freakishly so) individual I've ever met, Shane August. In musical terms, that dude is "the man who fell to earth".  The End did just that after releasing a well received disc, & SA & I went on to be writing partners, foes on the tennis court, & I was best man at his wedding (Kauai, Hawaii was a true paradise setting, & I met Todd Rundgren, which was surreal).   


The 'Blue Man Group', courtesy of Ben Hoffman, photographer of the 'JNHA' shots.


A show at a county fair- A band called Spock, & we did a variety of instrumental covers, some unlikely medleys, etc.  I remember Tower Of Power and Helen Reddy also played (how the hell did we even get booked?).  Stage attire = sweat pants; I am never one to overdress- "Comfort IS style!". 

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